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Spine Rehab

Spine injuries can be complex.  Effective treatment of any spine condition requires a therapist to take time to provide a thorough assessment of the individual in order to fully understand their condition and how it is impacting their life.  Treatment planning must involve both the therapist and patient in order to address all areas of life impacted by their condition and complaints.

Our therapist will provide a comprehensive evaluation of each patient referred to our clinic with a spinal condition and will collaborate with the patient to formulate a plan of treatment to address all their needs.  Treatment may include therapeutic exercises, dry needling, manual therapy techniques (joint and soft tissue mobilization), modalities (electrical stimulation, ultrasound, etc) as well as the use of mechanical traction.

Spine rehab is more than treating a sore back or neck.  Spine rehab is about treating the cause of the problem and helping the patient be able to successfully return to all activities and learn how to enjoy them safely.