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Joint Replacement

Joint replacement surgery is often a difficult experience for patients as they are unsure about their recovery of function following surgery, but due to chronic pain and loss of function, patients often have no other option.  Our therapists have experience in the treatment of joint replacements for the shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle.  Our certified hand therapist has extensive training and experience in treating conventional and reverse shoulder replacements, elbow replacement, wrist replacement, and small joint replacement of the hand.  Small joint replacement of the hand is a tedious process and requires the expertise to fabricate both static and dynamic splints as part of the rehabilitation process and our occupational therapist is highly equipped to accomplish this task.  Surgical approaches are constantly changing and rehabilitation must evolve in order to meet the changing needs of the patient.


Life does not have to change following joint replacement surgery.  Trust a clinic who knows how to treat any joint replacement with the most current rehabilitation approach.  We can have you walking again, working in your garden again, and even playing with your grandchildren again!